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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 19, 2016 12:00am-1:12am EDT

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congressman young wants to take us back to the days when insurance companies can charge women more for their healthcare because they are women. he wants to deny healthcare coverage for 350,000 citizens. governor penson i think that shouldn't be done. he wants to go back to the days were insurance companies can cancel days were insurance companies can cancel your policy because got sick. i don't think that's a step in the right direction. >> mr. young. >> these are clearly d.c. politician talking points. they bear no resemblance to the reality. what i want. what i want to do is work together, republicans, democrats, ground up. i want to consult with hoosiers about the healthcare program they want to bring down costs, expand access to care to all americans. evan bayh evan bayh wants to maintain obama care, a law that cannot be sustained and it's causing harm. >> why are we bickering about what a person should be forced to do? the fact of the matters that americans deserve to be free. they deserve to be free from government regulations that comes along with the first insurance scam.
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>> a question submitted by a voter to the debate commission. we receive several questions regarding climate change. some as you know argue that human activity play key role in climate change and others say the notion of climate change is a myth. where you stand in the spectrum and how should the u.s. prioritize its energy sources? >> i think, change change is real. the question is what we do about it. i think we should do several things. first we should emphasize renewables like wind and solar which are expanding across indiana. that's a good thing. we should emphasize efficiency, retrofitting our homes and businesses to save energy. we should emphasize clean coal generation which we have an indiana, that would help the mining business and help utility ratepayers. we should emphasize ethanol which congressman young has voted against. i don't don't think we should have a cap and crate system. i don't agree with the clean power plan. i disagree with mrs. clinton operator think that would be harmful to consist hoosiers.
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renewables, efficiency, clean efficiency, clean coal, let's not hurt indiana businesses or consumers i would not support that. >> this is a global issue. it's not hoosier problem. we don't want to record economy trying to deal with it. evan evan bayh has supported an energy tax in the past. his plan would lead to an increase of 1700-dollar tax per american household. it would hurt our manufacturers disproportionately. we. we are the most manufacturing intensive estate in the country. we need to stand up for manufacturing workers. it would also hurt to our farmers. i'm proud that the indiana farm bureau considers me a friend of farmers. i'm proud to care that title around. but imposing carbon taxes on our fuel, fertilizer, and other and other sources is going to injure hoosiers economy. so where do these come from. now from hoosiers themselves. themselves. from party leaders in washington, d.c. and special interest. the one that evan bayh now works
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for as a lobbyist and has enriched him and his family to the tune of millions of dollars. >> a thank you. i'm a change is a sticky subject great it's almost a religion of people saying it's there and it's not. humans have only been here for a blip in the eat-i don't have enough data to determine whether or not we are getting colder warmer. in fact as a child growing up -- i say let's prioritize energy and let's let the free market to it. most are partly let's end our dependence on foreign oil. we can do that by allowing commercial hamper growth. we have amazing soil. we could get three or four harvest of hemp. that biodiesel can. that biodiesel can save us, it will save our economy and save the environment. >> opportunity for rebuttal. >> at desperate people do desperate things and clearly congressman young is getting desperate.
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it's not true that i was for cap and trade. i'm against it. it's not true i've been a lobbyist. not true. congressman young is familiar with lots of them. he has taken one at $60000 in campaign contributions from lobbyists. he's voted with a lobbyist to ensure the donut hole. he's voted with a lobbyist for the tax deductions for carrier that he sent shipping our jobs overseas. there is a conflict of interest in the selection it's between congressman young's voting interest in the best interest the state of indiana. >> with respect to the carbon tax, perhaps i can keep all of the taxes straight. the 421 separate taxes and obama care. most hit the middle class during the trough of our economy. it has led led to stagnant job creation in indiana. evan bayh costs of the deciding vote for obama care. we would not have obama care, but for evan bayh's vote.
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with respect to be in a lobbyist, he's a partner at a lobbying firm. maybe they pay him 2,000,000 dollars not to lobby. >> can we talk about the carbon tax question that is in that kind of silly. we are going to give an international organization the right to tax us. maybe i'll become a breathe area in and then you can text me for breathing because i won't be eating. let's talk about real solutions to problems instead of bickering back and forth. and let's fight for commercial have. >> my goal is to give everybody an equal shot as possible. let's move on. lester into a serious international issue in the news. under what circumstance should america send additional troops and humanitarian aid to middle eastern hotspots such as iraq and syria, or to afghanistan. we'll begin with mr. young. >> we should not be placing artificial limits or timetables. that is something something we have learned in iraq and afghanistan.
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we need to establish a very clear mission for victory throughout the middle east. we want to defeat isis, we want to remove assad from power. i have proposed a resolution calling on our nato partners to collectively pool our resources, intelligence, and energies to come up with a multilateral strategy to accomplish those. i can imagine some of the components into a strategy will involve firing more shorties, loosening the rules of engagement so we can kill more terrorists on the ground and establishing safe zones to address the humanitarian crisis on the ground rather than leading to a refugee crisis both in europe and the united states. none of this will be accomplished if we continue the obama clinton lead from behind policy. i'm a marine corps intelligent officer i'll be vigilance making sure the next residences engaged in the world.
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>> thank you. glad you asked. as a mother what i want is my children to grow up in a world that is full of peace. i don't see that. i don't even remember congress declaring an act of war. they did not declare this were so it seems to be an illegal war so it should be stopped. the first thing i recommend and i would do is i would stop arming everybody. can we stop being the world's a gun salesman? that be a good thing to stop being. i want a good thing to stopping. i want to start dropping bombs on everybody. we're bombing wedding parties and killing first responders, like my brother adam who's a fireman. fireman. that makes matt. we need diplomatic action. somewhere between be the worlds police man and isolationist there has to be somewhere in that range that is better than what we are doing now. humanitarian aid only. people are hurting, real people are starving. those are the those are the people we should be helping. let's not continue these endless foreign wars. >> i think it's a good thing we can agree on a bipartisan manner that we can to feed isis and
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defeat global terrorism. we need to continue the offensive that started in the last 48 hours to retake mozilla and deny them the safe space in iraq. our special forces and syria should work with the kurds and turks to -- we need to empower our intelligence services. i've been pleased to work for the last six years as an advisor to the cia to make sure we can combat isis abroad so they can't attack us at home. we need to empower our department of homeland security be an fbi so they can find lone wolf attackers at home before they can strike. most of all what we need to do is to win the war of ideas. some of the book, we are better than our adversaries. we stand for freedom, they stand for despotism. we stand for the right to worship god and elect officials and speak our minds as we see fit. if we stand for those things and principles then we will triumph over our avenue a series who stanford beheadings and terrorism.
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>> okay will move on to the next question. >> i would love to read but if that is okay. >> that it was really impressive mr. bae-4. i'm shocked when people talk about this faction in that faction. the faction we are arming today is the one that tomorrow will turn around and point their guns, the ones that we gave them at our troops. our our sons and daughters are dying. that's not right. it is time to stop the killing. >> i have real-world experience here. i'm i've not just sat in committee hearings and committee rooms and monitored the situation. i actually understand understand what a marine on the ground goes through. i understand it i've seen generals and admirals wrestle with difficult decisions. i have value in this area. evan sat on the committee but skipped multiple hearings and during his last urine office he spent 60 days shopping for a job as a lobbyist as opposed to being vigilant in this war on terror.
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>> i have i spent strong on the war on terror and i am proud to say that i've i supported our troops. congressman young on the other hand has voted repeatedly against our veterans. he has voted to cut funding for ptsd sufferers. to cut funding for suicide prevention in the virginia healthcare system. so it is surprising to me that someone like congressman young would talk tough on the stage and repeatedly vote against our vets. i will stand with our bets. >> i have another international question. vladimir putin in russia. russia has become increasingly active in the last two years. you see rush as a potential ally in the war of terrorism that needs to be courted by the u.s., or as a potential aggressor and and enemy that needs to be confronted. >> a friend of my just told me that they sun interesting video on tv. it was a a putin appealing to the american people to let them know that the things that are countries doing that we don't know about. in fact it seems like every day i have to
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get on wikileaks to find out what is really going on. quite friendly, if i'm looking at the information being given to me by my own government, sibley don't trust it. to ask a question about what should be done with putin, with the limited information i have, i think i'm going to trust wikileaks a little bit more. without looking at the weekly document to be difficult to decide what to do with putin. i'm always in favor making friends. i think the best way to make friends is by making economic alliances, free trade, fair trade, when you are trading with someone and looking them in there i am making those relationships it's difficult to drop bombs on them. >> vladimir putin is a tyrants. he is a deeply hostile to the united states. the only thing the man understands his power.
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we have to push back. we have to push back and oppose more economic sanctions for his aggressions in the ukraine. i agree with secretary carrie, there should be war time trial to bring those responsible for crimes in syria and russia for the crimes are committed inside syria. i think we should encourage the europeans to develop their natural gas exports which would make them more independent from the russian natural gas. we need to work with our allies to make sure that the vladimir putin knows we will stand strong and united against aggressive russia. these reports that russia is seeking to metal in our mastic elections is deeply disturbing. there should be consequences for that. we should take cyber actions against a financial interest in those in charge of moscow. we cannot let them commit crimes in syria, iraq, or metal in our elections. >> this is clearly why we need a change. we need to change with respect to our lead from behind to obama clinton foreign policy. it's a fighting aggression from dictators like blatt amir putin. he is not. it's the ukraine, crimea, syria. the baltic states are now being threatened. this is an object lesson of why we cannot lead from behind.
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we have to stay engaged in the world. something i learned in the u.s. marine court. only strong nations can consistently deter aggression and when necessary wars. we have to be very careful about where and when we engage. i support further sanctions. i support working multilaterally with our allies and partners in various regions around the world, wherever possible. pooling our resources. we need people people with on the ground experience not just people and professional politicians who sat in committee hearings or d.c. lobbyists. >> thank you. i wish we would stop talking about dropping bounce. i was born in 1971 and yet we have been at war my entire life. this is unacceptable. you have putin who is a kgb by georges senior was cia. so we have a bunch of
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spooks running our country. i think it's our country. i think it's time we have a real person running our country like maybe a mom. everybody knows that gms-making control our elections. look that up on google. >> would anybody else like to weigh in? >> as i mentioned we have several voters with us here tonight for the next question will be asked by alexa. apparent from -- she is here with us in the studio. >> what you think needs to be done, if anything to make it more difficult for dangerous people to get their hands on guns in indiana? we work to require background checks on all gun sales? >> thank you for a question. it's a good one. let me let me begin by said that i support the second amendment. i think our sportsmen, hunters, and people who seek security in homes have a right to own firearms. i also think it is deeply wrong for those who have been identified as terrorist, known terrorists were deemed to be so dangerous they cannot even
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get on an airplane, i on an airplane, i don't think we should be selling guns to them. i also agree with the just of your question about violent felons. people who have been convicted in a court of law committing acts of violence of felonies we should have background checks to make sure they don't have access to firearms. we need to strike the right balance. protect the second amendment right to own firearms. i believe that strongly but don't let people who are terrorist get their hands on weapons. that is something congressman young has voted re- repeatedly. i just think that doesn't make sense. >> hoosiers can count on me to protect their gun rights rights most certainly. it's enshrined in our constitution. our supreme court has been clear. every right has its limitations and we should ensure that nobody who is mentally ill gets access to a firearm. i firearm. i worked very hard in congress supported legislation to divert funding from other programs into programs that are evidence-based and will keep an mental illness from becoming a public safety crisis. i support funding from her psychiatric beds to care for
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those who actually need help so the two don't get access to firearms. that's one bipartisan constructive thing we can do. one of the the things i will not to and i stayed in the selection is not just control the united states senate, but conceivably controlled the u.s. supreme court. every time evan evan has had a chance he is whatever president obama's nominees for the u.s. supreme court. he has voted against president bush's more conservative nominees who ground their decision in the text of the constitution as opposed to legislating from the bench. your gun rights will be jeopardized should evan pay for it become the next u.s. senator from indiana. >> your gun rights are safe for me. i'm a strict constitutionalist and constructional is. one thing i have learned is that i don't to support the second amendment, i live it. i have a carry license in indiana. it bugs me for
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mr. young to say that every ride has its limitations. if someone hasn't done anything wrong, why are we charging them with a thought crime they can't do something. our rights are given to us and our natural given to us by our creator and should not be limited. as far as a no-fly a no-fly zone airplane watchlist, are you kidding me? we are the enemy of political punishment. so many people, even stevens, who is is on a no-fly list we would not give him a gun. i tell you i'm in favor of, the people we are arming overseas who end up with the guns that we sell them. 110,000,000,000 dollars worth that are now pointed back at your moms and dads and people serving in the military. it's time to put them on the list and stop selling guns abroad. we should guns abroad. we should not be the world's largest arms dealer. >> that is not true it congressman young was saying. i support your second amendment rights to bear arms. unless you are known terrorists, have been convicted of a crime of a violent felony, or been adjudicated to be insane, you have no trouble for me.
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>> mr. young would you like to weigh in? >> i have probably given an a+ rating for the nra but so many other responsible stakeholders indicate the tragedies that occur in my wife's hometown, our current home in bloomington, those who have occurred in indianapolis, indiana and other large cities across the state are completely unacceptable. somebody those are committed by people who are mentally ill. we should not be providing firearms to the mentally ill. i will be constructed bipartisan voice in congress and make sure we get things done on this front. >> every time i bought a handgun i passed a background check. it was easy for me because i don't have those problems. but we need to have a discussion about mental illness in this country. if you look at every single one of the school shooters, they are all on paxil, prozac, zoloft, the real problem in the country is pharmaceuticals that are harming people's brains and causing them to commit these acts of atrocities.
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created settlements with families of homicides and suicide. >> onto another question paid social security. his action needed to update the program so it is the financially sound. it provides adequate income for future generations and if you say yes, what would you do if you are elected? >> i'm happy to have this question. let me be very clear, we must keep our promise to all of our seniors, this is a nerd benefit our senior citizens paid into. what i propose is no changes whatsoever for our current seniors and those approaching retirement, 35 and older. but the program according to president obama is unsustainable after 18 years. that means there's not enough money coming in and payroll taxes to pay out the benefits. i'm in my early 40s, i prepared to work another couple months to make the program sustainable. my record is
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different than nevins, he's a vote of four times to increase taxes and social security benefits. he's voted to give social security benefits to illegal immigrants. also to throw one more thing in there, he voted for obama care, we would not have it except for evan and that cuts 700,000,000,000 dollars from the medicare program that support our seniors. if you had someone who will fight for hoosier values, vote for hoosier marine who is connected as opposed to a d.c. lobbyist who will listen to his party leaders when he cast the decision so they can help grow big government by using your social security dollars. >> i haven't thanked to you for your service and i want to thank you for your service in the marine corps. i mean that. and i don't mean any disrespect for a but i've been in the mom court for 25 years and i teach my children to speak the truth. when you run out of money, you stop digging a hole and he stop spending. mr. young has been criticized for his calling social security
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a ponzi scheme but he speaking the truth when he says a. new workers coming in are paying for the old workers. do you believe that there some magical trust fund this money is coming from? you can't because it's been stolen from buy a place in a deflation. in 1913 we got the federal reserve act, it ended our opportunity to have an honest money system. because we don't have an honest money system the box of groceries that cost you a single dollar bill in 1913 takes 20 dollars. until we get back to an honest money system we cannot fix an honest money system we cannot fix social security or anything else. >> will move on to the next. >> i'm sorry it does you. >> congressman young has told so many whoppers here tonight it's hard to keep track. it's not true i voted to increase taxes, it's not true. but i voted to give social security benefits to illegal immigrants. that has been fact checked and is false. he talked about $700 billion, profits for the insurance
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industry. he has voted repeatedly. he wants to privatize social security, turn it over to wall street. he called medicare, welfare. it's not welfare. we should not balance the budget or social security situation on the backs of our seniors. he voted to increase their -- $6000 per year. he wants to open the doughnut hole, $1400 per more for subscription drug costs. let's grapple with the problem of social security and medicare but not balance on the backs of seniors by making their lives more difficult. >> these are the youngs of a d.c. politician, career politician. spewing out talking points with very little veracity. he spent 30 years in public life and has had his opportunity to make social security sustainable for my generation.
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he hasn't done anything. he passed two bills in 12 years as united states senator not known as a highly prolific professional. he is all talk, he spent our money, our, our social security money on everything but social security. stimulus, think that hoosiers don't want us the record of a d.c. insider, not a hoosier marine hoosier marine that will fight for your value. >> i will like mrs. britton response. >> what we're talking about here is the fact that there are people put into a ponzi scheme. their victims, no less than bernie made off. my father receive social security and he paid into it just like anybody else. when you have something that's wrong you don't continue doing what's wrong. you man up and do what's right. what's right is to pay off the people who are in the social security system now until their benefits run off. don't enslave my grandchildren for you.
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>> the last time i checked congressman young is in congress. if you don't like congress then maybe you should not vote for congressman young. but he mention my record and the terrible things that i've done. i was proud to work with dick to save the auto industry. congressman young said, let them go belly up. we don't do that to her fellow hoosiers. i will fight to end the tax loophole that prevents our jobs are being shipped overseas. congressman young has voted many times. that's not that's not the kind of representation we need in the united states senate. >> we have come to the segment which the candidates can speak on the topic of their choice. will we will arrange it so the candidate who wins last which is mr. bayh will go first and talk up to one minute. i've had discover my notes because we've been moving around. mrs. brenton. mrs. brenton will go on a follow-up on the same topic for a maximum of two minutes and
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then mr. young will have two minutes. if you're keeping score at home you're doing better than i am. we'll close out the topic with one minute of rebuttal. the other two candidates will have the same opportunity to speak on a topic of their choice following the rotation i just attempted to describe. as promised the floor is yours with the topic of your choice. >> thank you. i would like to talk about growing our economy and tray. my my top priority is expanding hoosier business and creating good jobs. we have to have a level playing field when it comes to trade in order to get the job done. also often that's not the case. i visited recently with the company and -- they lost a contact because china's illegally importing into our country. that has got to stop. i was sad -- in indianapolis and
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they can't export their products into china because of illegal trade barriers. i talk to too many hoosier businesses that are losing jobs and losing businesses because of illegal currency manipulation or intellectual property -- what also has to stop is the tax deductions for companies that ship our jobs overseas. i met with those workers recently, they are losing everything. how does congressman young explained that he wants to keep that tax break from shipping their jobs for mexico with her trying to make ends meet. it's just not right. >> you now have two minutes to talk about trade. >> thank you it is so hard to listen to people banter back and forth because what they're saying is, how can i once i'm in congress slice off a piece of pie for my constituents. when he spent 30,000,000 dollars on a race, those people expect a return on their investment. literally investment. literally a set and thought about. i've spent less than 3000 so
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far. for every thousand dollar bill my opponents have dumped into this to make sure their corporate cronies get the free-trade management trade they want, i spent a copper penny. 1000-dollar bill versus a copper penny. if you want efficiency and government you should look for someone and government you should look for someone from the mom corps was had to balance a budget. who can do deficit spending. if you you want to talk about illegal currency manipulation, were mad because brazil, russia, india and china went around us. when people are buying oil were making money off of it. you really don't know what is going on until you do a little bit of research. what i'd like for you to do is as americans think about where our monetary system has been. the reason our economy stagnates, the reason we have a bottle ball and a bust is because we don't have an honest money system. the foundation are our economy is rotten. one thing i learned from flipping houses is you have to have a strong foundation. anything you put on top of that, windowdressing, smiling
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senators, doesn't matter. if your foundation is corrupt, and and i must tell you our foundation is cropped, you want business to flood into this country, set the corporate income tax 20. give corporations certainty about our tax laws. that is how you stimulate an economy. they will come in droves. it will level the playing field and then make sure you hold them to strict accountability so they do not pollute. >> you have two minutes on train and job. >> i support good trade deals. trade is about jobs. i support those that create jobs. i oppose deals that do the opposite and will destroy our jobs and lead to lower household incomes. when it comes to existing trade deals we need to revisit those that are no longer working. work with our partners to make sure those that work for hoosiers. we need to force enforce trade deals. one of the things i will never
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do and evan buy did do was vote to unleash a flood of outsourcing to china. that is not consistent with hoosier -- i'm wondering where he might've heard it. perhaps from the d.c. insiders who he befriends, his neighbors in d.c. where he lives, perhaps his clients, now his lobbying clients prevailed upon him when he was a united states senator and encouraged him to unleash a flood of outsourcing to china. i don't know. there are other things to grow our economy as well. we need to simplify the tax code, stop overtaxing where we double tax. . . .
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to the second day pages of the lincoln douglas debates. if you would give us two minutes and we will go around again. >> i appreciate that. i am a native that graduated from north high school but i went all around the cit city and
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planted my roots here and there is one thing that has always caught my heart and that's our farmers. they need economic prosperity without dumping tons of chemicals into the soil. if our farmers want a cash crop, commercial hunt is the way to go. it would end our dependence on foreign oil. these gentlemen to my left are paid for and received money from the oil industry if you can only look at open you would know they are here to get a job for the people that will pay them and that's why you're denied. we require a strong farm economy and i voted for a farm bill that gives the farm communities and
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operations the sort of resources they need that includes crop insurance so that the exigencies of the weather and so forth can be controlled. we need to make sure we tackle big regulations coming out of the environmental protection agency. we have seen an uptick and then she promises to double down. when the two of them ar were ine senate we could spect them to rubberstamp the policy agenda helping to fund the campaign. there's other things we can do to help the farmers when it comes to the tax code we need to eliminate the death tax. that shouldn't be a taxable event. he even voted against exemptions for family farms here in the state of indiana boss adversely impacting the farms in preventing people from passing the farms onto the next generation but perhaps the next best thing we can do to make sure farming interests are
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recognized as we can grow the economy faster and that gets back to the regulatory reform. i offered this adventure effort in the entire congress that requires every major regulation whether it's the waters of the united states regulation coming out of the epa or obamacare regulations they have to come before congress for an up or down vote. we need tax reform and i've discussed to death but i will put a fine point on this. we have to repeal the largest increase in history which is obamacare. the hoosiers didn't ask for it and in fact they pleaded with him. he listened to the dc special interests and didn't listen to the hoosiers. i will always fight for your interests and for your values. >> there's probably a good reason that i'm a former tv newscaster. the debate was 2111 and i missed the backend of the first
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question so i'm going to allow you to go back and talk about trade wrapping up your comments and then you can respond. you noticed the congressmen never explained to those why he is voted repeatedly for the tax deduction shipping their job to mexico. for those at home that don't know this, but companies like kerry or get to deduct the cost from their u.s. taxes and the congressman thinks that is just fine. it's not. that is something i will fight to change and he also mentioned the trade agreements. he was for it until he hit a conversion the last couple of us. you saw which way the political winds were blowing. i'm going to get tough by standing up against the illegal subsidies in the intellectual
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property theft we have to do more about that and also make sure we stop china and other countries from engaging in the currency manipulation so one final thing. there are so many churches sliding around here. she gets to wrap up her summary and then we go back to you. first, i would like to thank lucy for raising the topic. that is right. i am for broadband expansion into the communities. that would be good. the research and better crops i think that would be good. i support indiana ethanol even though the congressman voted against it. so i'm going to shock all of you and say that i agree with something the congressman said we've had too many rules and regulations are making it hard for the farmers i think we need a timeout on all that sort of
12:36 am
thing so i don't support that. but he just has all these false allegations and it's flat-out not true that i him for the death tax. i voted against it and i disagree on that. >> you have one minute to summarize. .. the farmers can be free to innovate the nitrogen t stew and the dependence on foreign oil. if the taxes and regulations
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were not driving businesses out of the country we wouldn't be seeing them flee to mexico. it is linked to what happens in washington, d.c.. the corporations would level the playing field and countries around the world would find they are losing business to us. it's been a disaster for this economy and it's hurt so many americans. premiums are going up so high at 41% here in the state of indiana. deductibles are so high even if they have insurance that is so frequent they can't use insurance 200,000 people have had their policies canceled. this is the largest tax increase in history.
12:38 am
perhaps you need to spend a little more time in indiana as i have to see the impact of obamacare. lori is a truck driver who has had some health problems and can no longer drive his truck. the premium was $26 a month originally. then it was $343 a month for the next year. it's been $1,100 a month and they are taking the penalty they no longer have insurance and there is a human cost to the deciding vote. there is a cost to what the congressman wants to do. he wants to take insurance away from 350,000. this is something governor pence
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bid that i agree he wants to undo that would normall not onld for those people because they would no longer have health care. it will mean that it could be shifted to all the rest of us. there's also a cost to what the congressman wants to do making it possible for insurance companies to charge women more for their health insurance just because they happen to be female. there is also a cost wanting to lift the cap we put in place on the profits there's also a human cost to seniors at home there are people being hurt in real ways if the congressman is able to do what he wants to do in the senate. what we need to do is fix the
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parts that need to be fixed and keep those that are working we well. we need to lift it from 50 to 100 people and the individual marketplace. they get the lowest cost option and those are the kind of things we need to do, not harm people )-right-paren he unzipped the way the congressman wants to do. >> the floor is now yours. >> u-boats spent time in washington, d.c., so much that i'm afraid it's turned into the dark side. in fact what i mean by that is why are we discussing programs that people are forced to buy? what the free market work. we are arguing over obamacare and how much the premiums increased.
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why don't we talk about how they are forcing people to buy a product they don't want or need. i a woman i and i've birthed ten beautiful children. you should charge me more because i'm more likely to use you but if the free market were open and i could negotiate to have the coverage i want instead of that which is forced down my throat by the government instead of having this cost for birth number eight of the hospital i could have had the 5,000-dollar home cost paid for by my insurance instead. the only thing i can take to the american people these are not the senators you are looking for. >> mr. young you get a chance to wrap up. >> young: fmi has become a creature of washington. this isn't just about obamacare. this is how he handled the situation. he voted against the hoosiers. it is a partisan wall that didn't require that the
12:42 am
republican input or ideas and the reason we have had a policy war is because there is no consensus on the front end but that isn't it. he left us with higher health care costs and then what did you do after that, you took the money and ran. he represented the clients that need relief from the problem he created we lost the doctors and specialists. flat out wrong . why would
12:43 am
voters conclude that you are the best candidate after the candidates policies that reason and debate the reasonable policies they are left with the despair. we need less washington and more indiana. you may just want to clean house and some of you may think i want to sit in the marines where you can send in one of them. >> brenton: both of these gentlemen have voted for things where the tax peers had to bail them out. we are too small to dwell. stop bailing out your cronies
12:44 am
and bail us out instead. they won't carry them from mexico and that sort of thing building on the 24/7 scholarship to sending our young people to college even though they may not go to cut their programs into the interest rates. i'm voting to have democrats and republicans and libertarians do what's right to help you because that is what this should be all about. thank you all for being here tonight we apologize.
12:45 am
you can still submit questions for the candidates in the last gubernatorial debate set for october 25 at the university of southern indiana. on behalf of the indiana debate commission from all of us here, have a great night.
12:46 am
12:47 am
several candidates are vying for his seat. three republicans and democrats answered questions on health care and foreign policy appointments among other issues in the debate earlier tonight. in the november 8 election the top finishers will be on the ballot for the runoff on december 3. this debate was sponsored by the louisiana public broadcasting
12:48 am
faced national space issues at odds. live from louisiana tech university it's 2016 the race for the senate at louisiana tech university featuring the top five candidates for the state open u.s. senate seat. a 40 year history of contributing to the democratic process and tonight we continue the tradition with this program. >> i am the president of the council for either louisiana and we want to start by thanking louisiana tech university and the wagner center for civic engagement and public policy for hosting us at this venue
12:49 am
tonight. we'd also like to thank the audience for being with us tonight and the viewers watching at home and if you like you can join on the conversation on twitter using the hash tag. let's introduce the candidates joining us tonight. congressman john fleming is a republican, state treasurer john kennedy is a republican from madisonville. the attorney general is a democrat from new orleans, public service commissioner campbell is a democrat from dozier said he. congressman charles boustany is a republican from lafayette. we ask the audience to hold applause during this debate until the end but let's welcome now the candidates with a round of applause. [applause] our candidates will have one minute to respond to questions from the panel of journalists
12:50 am
and joining us tonight, we have kelly spires of the louisiana broadcasting, greg hilberg of the usa network, elizabeth crest with the advocate and the editor and publisher of tonight we will attempt to cover a lot of territory as we delve into national issues that are important for the future of the state. a drawing was used earlier to determine the order of questioning and closing statements and we will discuss the affordable care act and foreign affairs and perhaps gridlock in washington and much more what in your career has prepared you to be the next united states senator? >> fleming: im the one true conservative here tonight among those that are pretenders and i
12:51 am
want to take the louisiana values to washington. my background is a physician and businessmen and military member qualified. when i was 11 i wanted to be a doctor so bad. i roll my sleeves up and went on to the united states navy and rose to the level of command to set up a medical practice in louisiana but there was something else i wanted. i wanted to pursue the american dream of opening up our own small business and indicted tht creating 500,000 louisiana jobs and i now want to go to the senate and fight for louisiana families. >> thank you mr. kennedy. >> i want my country back that's why i'm running for the senate.
12:52 am
i believe america's best days lie ahead but not if we keep going the same direction washington, d.c. is taking us. they've tried to destroy. washington, d.c. will try to raise our flood insurance rates. china, russia, iran now make the rules. i want to be in the senate to try to change that. now when i say washington, d.c., i'm referring to president obama and secretary clinton but i am also referring to the democrats and big government republicans in the united states congress who talk tough but what the president and the secretary do anything they want to do. all of them ought to be ashamed of themselves. i am not a part of the club in baton rouge and i won't be a part of it in washington, d.c..
12:53 am
>> i'm born and raised in denham springs louisiana they've prepared me to be the next united states senator for louisiana the first is my experience as a recent college graduate i worked on wall street and witnessed the second plane hit the tower. the second experience with be working for the federal court in the aftermath of hurricane katrina where i learned it was important to have a federal government responsive and when it wasn't was able to make sure people stayed in their homes and get the relief they need to through no fault of their own. it was to make sure and i understood there was a point where the government and business intersect and at that point it is the true leadership that has to step up and create compromise to make sure people
12:54 am
get back to work and our future remains bright. >> the auditorium is named. the worst thing i've seen is all these politicians go round telling you what they want to do but there is an old saying don't tell me what you're going to do, tell me what you've done. i'm the only one appear that's created a billion-dollar education trust fund which i did and we still have today. we have a 45 million-dollar trust fund, no other had that and i am the only one up here for the eight years as a louisiana governor he did more harm to the state to ban any in louisiana and i've been wracked by the governor and i've been doing it all my life and i know
12:55 am
how to do the job. thank you for hosting this forum. my name is charles boustany and i want to earn your trust. i had to earn the trust and now in public service i worked to earn the trust of the third congressional district and i hold myself to a standard of ruthless accountabilities, real results, not just talk but focus on getting the results into solving problems. our country is facing serious challenges and we have to get serious about these challenges. our national security is at ri risk. people are hurting and our american values are being questioned around the world. i will bring a record of achievement and resold and i ask
12:56 am
for your support. i ask for your vote on november 8. thank you. >> we will go to the journalist panels for the next question and first we will hear from kelly. >> 300,000 louisiana residents have enrolled in medicaid due to the eligibility under the affordable care act. the state budget relies on savings generated by federal funds financing their coverage. what specific changes would you make if any and how would you assure no programs are -- problems are -- back home? >> the aca has been a failure i would appear out b tear out by d start over. americans deserve a patient centered delivery health care system that looks like somebody designed it on purpose.
12:57 am
we need more choice. we need more competition. we need less fraud, more pay-for-performance, not paper value. we need to repeal the act of 1945 to buy health insurance across the state lines. we need to walk the money for medicaid for states and start charging a co-pay to those that want to go to the emergency room to be treated for a fever blister and for folks getting free health care there should be a work requirement. again i want a health care delivery system that looks like somebody designed it on purpose. >> is medicaid expansion have been good for louisiana business
12:58 am
to the 300,000 people, working people that have healthcare coverage to save money about $184 million i believe and it'ss going to continue to save us money. the state match was during the general year when we refuse to take the expansion dollars for political reasons and it's now falling down to i believe 2.5% and well over time but it's estimated that this expansion number is going to provide $1 billion a drivers to the economy and we are making sure we are bringing our tax dollars fund to make sure they get coverage. october is breast cancer awareness month and the statistics are at least 24 women as a result of the healthcare coverage has been diagnosed and are now getting life-saving treatments, so we literally are saving lives by bringing our tax dollars home.
12:59 am
>> i have a son that went to lsu. i asked him what you think about the affordable care act and he said let me tell you something it does more good than bad and i believe that he's right. there are some things about if we need to fix. we need to attract more people in the program. small businesses are having problems with it but if you repeal the affordable care act it would never be put back again. i'm not willing to do that. 300,000 people have insurance i'm not about to turn them out on the street. we get money out and it's good for us and the economy and for 300,000 people. i'm for keeping the affordable care act in fixing the problems we have with it. >> the hallmark of the high-quality health care is a doctor patient relationship. you cannot reach high quality
1:00 am
without giving every patient into a meaningful doctor and patient relationship built on trust and that's where the system fails because we don't have the primary care physicians to do with the governor wants to do with the expansion and i am deeply concerned with the cost is going to be. we have to keep our eye on the ball. we want high-quality health care at the lowest possible cost that means focusing on quality, getting people into the relationship and making sure everything is focused on the transparency on cost and quality so everybody but there it is a position to patient can make good judgment on what is appropriate for them. we need to put the family back in control of the healthcare destiny, not insurance bureaucrats, not bureaucrats in washington but the decision makers and families that's how we get back to the system we need to be proud of.
1:01 am
>> fleming: someone who's covered people by implying that i can tell you being there during the debate, i warned everybody i said your costs are going to go up. you're not going to be able to keep your doctor or insurance and yet we see today it's failed even democrats admit that it's failed but here's what i don't understand. he thinks he agrees with 80% of obamacare and he said that like democrats he would like to go line by line and fix it. we can't fix something that has a terrible foundation and i would like to remind my democrat friends but it's still $700 billion for medicare and medicare is going broke. absolute nonsense. we need to move forth into the 21st century and have patient centered care and make sure that we get the choices and options
1:02 am
not mandates from washington. thank you. i never said that i agreed with 80% of obamacare. that is absolutely false. the times i said we could find some agreement is prior to obamacare we were talking in a bipartisan way of what it could look like which is the playoff landed my position. >> we documented that he actually said that so you can look but you can't hide. >> the next question comes from greg. >> according to a poll more than half of those surveyed think the country should be somewhat or very involved in foreign affairs. we learned this past weekend that the u.s. is providing the
1:03 am
u.s. air and ground forces in an attempt to retake mosul from isis. do you believe the u.s. has any obligation to be involved in global conflicts? >> i do support the efforts and i think we must support them in doing so. the reason it's important is it is a strategic city for a whale and money and it is a way to destabilize. the truth of the matter is whether the united states needs to be involved in foreign affairs we are the greatest country the world has ever known and they are coming to us. we have seen this with acts of domestic terrorism that are based in the ideology we have to be prepared and take the lead. that is a couple of things, it
1:04 am
is the ideology and increasing g air strikes and that is importing our allies in the middle east and other areas that are to promote our democratic values. >> mr. campbell. >> i do support that and i'm worried about russia . power and i'm worried about iran and their influence in this area of the world. i want to see our allies help themselves. i don't think that we can protect the world. we have full help from the allies there and >> america is an indispensable nation and we will have chaos without the leadership that is clear to me. we wouldn't be going back to retake them if we had a strategy over the past eight years.
1:05 am
the administration has drifted from crisis to crisis and the lost parts of iraq because of the strategy to deal with the aftermath. the fact of the matter is we need a safe zone along the border. we need to do that and put the boots on the ground and provided the air cover and the intelligence capabilities. we can then consolidate a working coalition and rollback isis and we also need the economic side of the studio with the transactions. this administration has that strategy and that's why we need a senator to understand the complexity to provide input and guidance and leadership on a strategy to defeat the important policy issues. >> as someone that served in the military, no one else on the stage of her served in the
1:06 am
military ha have someone that serves on the house armed services i meet with the four-star generals all the time to talk about these problems. one is by the secretary of state that we have someone here tonight who endorsed john kerry for president the way i go. that was his mentor. so i hope that he has changed his view on things but he was a supporter of the liberal democrat john kerry. we need to destroy isis. i don't want to have our troops on the frontline but they do deem to be there in the support role. >> cambelle: when you are getting kicked in the rear it means you are usually out front. i do support the airstrikes. i think we ought to go further.
1:07 am
those are the troops but there is a larger problem with our international affairs. our enemies no longer respect us and our friends no longer trust us because of president obama's policy. and he alone is not responsible. you know who else is responsible? the united states congress because they sat there for eight years and talked tough and half and half and have done nothing about it. we need to start acting like it that's how we will end the war on terror. >> actual boots on the ground
1:08 am
what would it take. it's for the conflict strategy i'm not taking any option off the table for what an enemy might present to us but i understand we have to work in partnership with the occupants of the white house whoever that may be as well as our generals and military intelligence folks to make the right decisions. right now we need to support the troops on the ground. we need to have airstrikes and be able to have a coalition of partners to mention that we defeat isis. >> cambelle: i would have to
1:09 am
consult with all of our military leaders to see if this is something tha that have to happt would be very hard for me to commit to our men and women on the ground. i would have to know they were willing to put the same and ga game. i am concerned about that because we've done a lot of other people don't seem to ideas for the situation in those old because we have our special ops guys on the ground. the end an end of the means havo be matched up into there has to be a strategy.
1:10 am
you cannot commit troops on the ground without a clear-cut strategy and it has to be well thought out. we already have boots on the ground almost 5,000 troops. the whole problem coming and i think the congressman clearly outlined this is president obama jerked all the troops out, didn't get a status of forces agreement and there was a vacuum that we now have isis to deal with and the president has been putting troops back in and that's fine but now we have to continue to build those and we can do without the iraqi troops and others.
1:11 am
>> boustany: we do have troops on the ground. the problem in the middle east is that it is not our problem. the other problem is the other groups that know how to fight our isis and depeche mode are troops. where's egypt and jordan, where is the united arab immigrants? they help themselves and before i can commit i want to see folks in the middle east. it is their region of the world i want to see them contribute something to this effort. >> let's see what the students had to say about issues important to them.


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